to the homepage of the ERKO High-Precision and Control Technology GmbH. We are your qualified contact concerning
CNC assemblies and automation for the metal-cutting production (milling- and lathing processes).

Concerning the manufacturing of prototypes, small-, medium- or large-lot productions we are your professional help.
If we are not yet helping you we would like to do so in future. We work with the latest technologies, experienced and motivated
employees and offer quality, reliability, scheduled working and prices which are in line with the market.

A state of the art machinery equalling the best available technology
can be visited in our plants I, II and III in 37327 Leinefelde – Worbis OT Beuren (Thuringia) and in 37115 Duderstadt (Lower Saxony).

Our main guidelines are as follows:
INVESTMENTS secure our future. We can only meet our customer`s expectations with the highest quality standards and
scheduled working. It`s in the purchaser`s interest to have a reliable and dependable deliverer. By the constantly growing
competition we are continuously motivated to higher standards in processing and this enables us to deliver competitive products.
Our employees are our potential.
Protecting the environment ensures the existence of mankind.


Location of factory I, II ind III


Dünblick 1-3,
37327 Leinenfelde-Worbis
OT Beuren


Dünblick 1-3,
37327 Leinenfelde-Worbis
OT Beuren


Am Euzenberg 24-26,
37115 Duderstadt